Passionate Portraits by Karen
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Karen Williams, Photographer
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About Passionate Portraits by Karen
I have been passionate about capturing the memorable moments around me since elementary school (quite some time ago)! There was an un-explainable feeling for me when looking through my father's old photos from "Pork Chop Hill" or looking through photos of my parent's wedding. It almost felt like traveling through time as I imagined myself at the location or event. I can remember friends in high school stopping mid-stride to pose when they would see me coming, and family reluctantly turning toward me in the chow line on all the major holidays - and even now as I look at those photos I am transported back to that moment. It is the feeling that I would like everyone that I work with experience each time they look through the photos that I take. 

Over time, and with additional training, I've learned to really appreciate both the art and technical aspects of capturing what is on the other side of the camera lens. My goal is to exceed your expectations, by translating the very essence of the moment into print.
Committed to capturing the memorable moments in your life.